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2022-04-20 09:01:14 By : Ms. Joey Zhou

Know what to pair your ripped jeans with so that it looks cool in a modern stylish grunge

They call it destroyed jeans, tattered jeans, torn jeans, ripped jeans, or even distressed jeans. For years the style goes on and off and now it’s back! Whatever you call it, the more the holes your jeans have, the more scrapes on the surface are displayed, and the larger shreds remain, the better!

Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense paying bucks for clothes that are almost torn, but hey – that’s the beauty of fashion. We list a number of ideas to nail that favourite go-to look with your form-fitting jeans.

Statement necklaces make a difference to what you wear for the day. Wear one with your tattered jeans and shirt to bring your outfit to the next level.

It’s distressed, but it doesn’t mean you can’t nail the posh look. Pair your ripped with a stylish leather purse and you’re ready to go. (cut the loafers)

Wearing the right belt can help your look be more stylish. A slightly loose top with an easy cinching belt like this basic leather piece flatters any figure type for an instant slimmer look.

The urban style is a must-do-outfit for any season here in the UAE. Go grab a little jacket over your classic tank top and it will match any ripped style jeans on a casual weekend.

You can always keep things super cool with sneakers. The ideal way to nailing this and looking less laid back is to wear the slim or skinny-type ripped jeans along with cute accessories.

Pair your distressed jeans with a coat and a handbag when you work in an office to get that very business-casual approach. It’s casual but the effect it has on you will be polished and sexy.

Slim-destroyed jeans with front-tuck a button down plaid shirt, and a white handbag is an instant chic outdoor fashion.

Wear your brown leather ankle boots or shoes with your tattered denims to create a funky and industrial combo look.

A crop top is an effortlessly chic style. For this look, pair it with the holes on your distressed jeans for a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman feel with an edge.

For a relaxed and fun look, match your ripped jeans with a white printed t-shirt and or a cool graphic tee. This is one go-to look you must have on any given day.

Every girl needs a few pairs of sexy pumps to add a bit more oomph right away. It looks good with your destroyed jeans!

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