Your backyard could be so much better with any of these 45 cheap, clever things

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When you have an outdoor space at your home — whether it’s a terrace, patio, deck, or backyard — it’s like having an extra room in your house. That being said, it’s up to you to make the most of it. Now, you could spend big money tricking things out with expensive buys, or you can simply stock up on a few cheap, clever things for your backyard.

First off, outdoor lighting used to be super expensive, but thanks to solar power, that’s no longer the case — peep these spotlights that are ideal for showcasing features in your landscape, and these fun path lights that are shaped like fireworks. Both options automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, which means they’re not just cost-efficient, but low-maintenance, too.

And if you’re ready for some fun, you can turn your outdoor space into a veritable carnival with items like this wall-mounted ring toss game and this portable table tennis kit, both of which are great options for at-home entertaining.

This roundup of backyard upgrades has everything from highly rated grilling tools to a giant inflatable palm tree that serves as a sprinkler (not kidding), so keep scrolling.

There’s nothing like a fire pit to add drama to your outdoor space, but don’t forget that it’s useful, too, providing plenty of warmth on chilly evenings outdoors (not to mention the fact that it’s the ideal heat source for making s’mores). Crafted from durable, metal, it’s rust-resistant, and reviewers reported it’s “easy to assemble.”

Tie your outdoor living space together with this outdoor straw rug that adds an element of coziness. Woven in an attractive geometric pattern, it’s waterproof and UV-resistant, so it’ll stand up to all kinds of weather. Plus, it’s reversible, so in the event that something should happen to one side, it can simply be flipped over.

These solar spotlights are ideal when you want to highlight special features in your landscape, like a particularly lovely tree or a water feature. Each light has 40 LED bulbs that provide warm white illumination wherever you place it. They’re easy to install — simply stake them into the ground — and they automatically turn on at sunset and off at dawn.

With just a few waves back and forth through the air, this inflatable lounger sofa is all blown up and ready for you to relax on — no air pump or lung power required. It folds up into a pouch, making it convenient for carrying, and also comes with a stake that lets you secure it wherever you decide to rest. It’s super versatile; use it to fully recline for a nap, or share it as a sofa with friends.

Give your back door — or any door — an upgrade with this magnetic screen door that makes it easy to come and go, all while keeping those aggravating insects out. It’s designed to install easily on most doorways measuring up to 38 by 82 inches, and the strong magnetic strips on either side reattach to each other after every entrance or exit, so you don’t have to close anything behind you — especially helpful if you have kids or pets.

When you want to add some upscale lighting to your outdoor area, Edison-style bulbs are always a great way to do it. Adding some old-fashioned charm, these string lights can be hung over your patio table or conversation area, providing a festive feel. Great for parties and events, they’re available in warm white and multicolor versions.

If you have a solid concrete slab and you’re looking for a way to upgrade it, these acacia hardwood tiles deliver. Available in a variety of colors, the tiles feature interlocking clips that make installation easy (no professional required), and they’re weather-resistant for outdoor use. Choose from various shades, including espresso, teak, and golden.

Add some texture to the entertaining area on your deck with this multi-tier plant stand made from natural eucalyptus wood. This piece makes a terrific home for plants or your herb garden, but can also be utilized for so many other items on your back patio; deck it out with candles for a romantic effect, or use it for storage of napkins, condiments, and other items you need for al fresco dining.

Designed in the shape of a crescent moon cradling a pearl, this garden light adds a touch of mystical fantasy to your garden. The rust-resistant metal construction is complemented by the intelligence of its design, which relies on solar power for illumination. The glass globe glows with a warm white light and comes on automatically when it’s dark, turning off when morning comes.

Perfect for growing strawberries, herbs, and other items when you don’t have a lot of space, the tiered design of this planter pot occupies just 1 square foot — and it looks totally cool, too. This unique arrangement also makes watering easy — simply water from the top, and it’ll flow down to the planters below.

Spice up your path lighting with these solar lights that are shaped like fireworks. They’re not only good for illuminating walkways, but they can also be placed anywhere in your yard or garden to add a whimsical touch. Available in warm white and multicolor options, the four waterproof lights come with a remote control, so you can adjust brightness and toggle between eight different modes

Woven from soft cotton rope with back and seat cushions for extra comfort, this hammock chair is perfect for reading, napping, or just plain old watching the day go by. The swing chair features two side pockets that are ideal for your smartphone, a book or magazine, so you can stay put, with everything you need within reach. It’s easy to hang in just a couple minutes with the included hardware, and comes in three colors: beige, light gray, and dark gray.

Made from sturdy stainless steel, these highly rated grilling tools will stand up to strenuous use, and look good while doing it. With a spatula, tongs, and a meat fork, there’s a tool for every need, and the long handles keep your hands and arms safely away from the flames. Each tool is dishwasher-safe, so post-meal cleanup is a cinch.

With its warm light and realistic flickering action, you’d think this gadget was great just as a flameless lantern for your patio table, but there’s more — it also performs as a Bluetooth speaker. The perfect atmosphere-setting element whether you use it inside or out, it provides music for up to eight hours before needing to be recharged.

Enjoy the color and movement that wild birds bring to your outdoor environment by adding this bird bath to your deck or patio. This bird bath provides winged ones with a stable oasis for drinking and frolicking, and it’s so much cheaper than investing in a full-size bath. It secures to railings up to 2 inches thick with the help of an adjustable clamp.

Made from breathable, double-layer felt, these grow bags provide the ideal environment for growing all kinds of vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and carrots — and you don’t even have to dig up your yard. These containers have built-in flaps on the sides that give you a window into the root system, so you can observe the growth process and harvest from below. Although they’re soft and lightweight, they’re sturdy enough to move during the growth cycle without risk of disturbing the plants.

With a bold, architectural look, this sun shade sail adds a cool design element to your deck or backyard while also providing some respite from the sun. Available in 11 colors and styles, as well as a wide variety of sizes, it comes with all the hardware you need to attach it to your roof, fence, or trees. The sturdy fabric not only provides shade and shelter from the weather, but also blocks 95% of UV rays.

If you love to sit outdoors, but your deck time is just about ruined by mosquitos and other annoying pests, this bug zapper is definitely a must-have. It lures those unwanted bugs using UV technology, and zaps them when they make contact with the lamp’s electric grid. Designed to cover an area of 1,500 square feet, it has a hook for hanging, as well as a removable tray that makes cleaning it out a breeze.

All dogs make mistakes, and sometimes, even when we’re outside, they just can’t make it to the grass. These dog pee pads are the answer; with four-layer construction, they’re incredibly absorbent, locking in liquids and odors, and have a nonslip backing, so they stay put wherever you lay them down. Plus, they look so good, you won’t mind having them around — they’re patterned just like antique rugs.

Make any outdoor dining or conversation area more tranquil with the addition of this tabletop water fountain and the calming sound of running water it provides. Made from bamboo and natural river rocks, the fountain has a quiet yet powerful water pump, and plugs into any nearby outlet to provide soothing sounds on repeat.

Give your colorful feathered friends one more reason to make your yard their home with this gorgeous natural cedar birdhouse. It’s crafted with premium, rot-resistant cedar and stainless steel hardware, and engineered to make nest-building easy for the birds, and post-nesting season cleanup easy for you. You’ll discover that it’s like having National Geographic right in your backyard, as you watch your avian family grow in this beautiful home.

Made from high-quality metal with a distressed bronze finish, these solar wind chimes are topped with a crackled glass sun ornament that glows after dark. The wind chimes are easy to install and provide delightful, relaxing tones, while the solar panel collects light all day, then switches the light on once night falls. It’s a true highlight for any landscape, and is available in other styles, like a copper turtle or a moon.

Move over, cornhole — there’s a new backyard game in town. This ring toss game is great for all ages, and is suitable for group play, head-to-heads, or solo challenges. Easy to assemble, it features a miniature surfboard-shaped board that can be mounted to the wall, adding a relaxing, beach-inspired vibe to your setup.

Normally, you’d be spending multiple hundreds of dollars for a good piece of backyard furniture, so when I saw this highly rated glider bench, I had to put it on the list. Made with a rust-resistant steel frame, it weighs just 31 pounds but can support up to 440 pounds. Plus, it’s designed for quick assembly, and since the frame is heat-resistant, it’s comfortable to sit on, even when it’s hot.

You’ve seen those fun pool floats shaped like swans and unicorns, right? Well, why not bring that same inflatable whimsy to your yard with this palm tree yard sprinkler? When fully inflated, it’s over 5 feet tall; simply connect your hose to spray water through the palms. It’s great for kids of all ages to play with, and of course, it waters your yard at the same time.

With 1080p resolution, this mini projector is a top choice for turning your backyard into a movie theater or outdoor venue for watching the big game. The projector is compatible with screens from 32 to 170 inches, and it offers 35% more brightness than similar options on the market. It has built-in speakers, but for extra power, you can connect it to external speakers, as well as gaming units like Xbox or PlayStation.

Crafted from silky, weatherproof polyester, these thermal-insulated outdoor curtains add a touch of luxe design and privacy to outdoor eating areas. Available in seven colors and a wide variety of sizes, they’re finished with metal grommets that make them easy to hang on standard curtain rods. Use them to protect your deck or porch furniture from the elements, or to make sitting outside in the blazing heat a more temperate experience.

This oversize beach blanket is perfect not only for lounging by the ocean, but also for picnicking in your own backyard. Super lightweight for portability, it’s made from ripstop parachute fabric that dries quickly and repels sand and dirt. It has six integrated pockets around the perimeter — stuff them with sand to keep the blanket from blowing away. Last, it folds up into a small pouch, so it’s easy to take anywhere.

Give your favorite tree a face — and feed the birds at the same time —with this tree face bird feeder. Crafted from resin that’s painted to look like bark, the pieces are designed to attach to your tree using simple keyhole hangers — you provide the nails — and once hung, they’ll remain there throughout all weather conditions. Simply fill the mouth with birdseed and watch as feathered friends come flocking.

These jumbo wooden tumbling blocks are scaled up for outdoor play, where things can get a little more raucous (and there’s less chance of knocking over any valuables). Made from 100% pine, they’re ultra-durable and are designed for hours of enjoyment on your deck or patio. It comes in a convenient carrying case, so you can also take it tailgating and camping.

Turn your trampoline into a mini water park — and give your jumpers an easy way to cool off on hot days — with this trampoline sprinkler. It attaches directly to the net with convenient zip ties, and shoots out water from the top of the net, lowering the temperature on the trampoline by up to 25 degrees. One reviewer wrote that it provides “countless hours of fun,” and another reported it’s “super easy to install.”

Have you always wanted a hammock but thought they were super expensive and hard to manage? This hammock is not only priced to sell, but it’s easy to hang in your backyard, and can go with you wherever, thanks to the convenient pouch that accompanies it. With a 500-pound capacity, it’s easy to hang with the help of the included tree straps and carabiners. Choose from colors like olive green, sky blue, and gray.

Charged by solar power, the brightly colored orbs in this crystal ball dangler light up at night to add a lovely touch of color to your outdoor landscape. Rain-proof and moisture-proof, the lightweight balls blow in the breeze, adding just a bit of movement and magic. The hanger attaches easily to any stable object like the side of your deck or a tree.

Keep your dog happy while he’s outside during those hot summer months by giving him a cool place to rest with this elevated dog bed. The raised platform is made with mesh for plenty of breathability, and the removably canopy offers protection from the sun. The steel frame construction is sturdy and long-lasting, and you can set everything up in a quick 20 minutes.

Want a simple, fun addition to your backyard entertainment setup? This paddle ball game is easy to learn, doesn’t require a net, and has elements of pickleball and tennis. Made from real feathers, the two large red birdies allow for slower play, while the smaller yellow birdies make for faster play. Plus, the seven-layer construction of the paddles ensures long-lasting durability.

Whether you’re using it to light up the grill for some late-night barbecuing, or huddling around it during a power outage, this flashlight provides plenty of light and is ultra-convenient — it features a keyhole so you can hang it from a nail, and a handle that fits snugly over two-by-fours. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 35 hours, and the flashlight head rotates 180 degrees, so you can position it for optimal illumination.

There’s nothing like a two-for-one product, and this outdoor table fits the bill, since the base doubles as a 7.5-gallon cooler. When not in use, the table surface acts as a lid for the cooler, and you can raise it up when you’re ready to sip and snack. When you’re all done, pull the cooler’s plug to drain the ice. The durable resin exterior is weather-resistant, and you can choose from two colors: gray and teal.

If you have a pool, pond, or water feature outside, these floating lights add colorful illumination. Made from fade-resistant EVA foam, they resemble water lilies, and the LED lights are battery-powered to deliver up to 48 hours of continuous illumination. Each flower has four layers of plastic petals for a full and attractive bloom.

With a retractable net, two paddles, and three balls that all fit into a convenient carrying case, this portable table tennis set is ideal for use in the backyard, but also great for taking on your next tailgate or camping trip. The net clamps onto any table up to 2 inches thick, while the standard-size paddles can be used at home or on the go.

With an electric heater in the center, this s’mores maker lets you enjoy the delicious dessert without an open flame. The heater is surrounded by a tray with all the room you need to contain your s’mores supplies, including graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. The BPA-free set includes two roasting forks for getting those marshmallows to the perfect golden brown.

Make gardening chores more comfortable with this combination seat and kneeler. When used as a seat, it enables you to get closer to your plants without having to stoop over, and when used as a kneeler, you can get low to the ground while still padding your knees. In addition to taking a load off, this gadget also helps you tote your gardening tools — it features two large pouches to contain items like shears, a spade, gloves, and more.

Keep your pet safe outdoors — and within eyesight — with this foldable metal pen. Available in a variety of heights, it’s ideal for dogs as well as small animals like ferrets, chinchillas, and cats. It sets up and is ready to use in just seconds, and comes with eight anchors that attach it to the ground to keep it stable.

A perfect garden accent, this light is designed to look like a watering can, replete with a spray of lights coming out of the spout. Made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and glass, the light hangs by a shepherd’s hook stake you can stick in the ground. It’s solar-powered and gives off a warm, cozy glow.

With millions of shades that you can control via the included remote, these waterproof LED strip lights add a colorful accent to your outdoor space — and they can be used inside, too. The remote control lets you adjust brightness, and toggle through multiple settings, like flash and slow fade. These strip lights will adhere to just about any smooth surface with the included 3M adhesive, or you can attach them with the included hardware for a more secure grip.

With a 7.5-foot diameter, this patio umbrella is big enough to shade three to four chairs plus a table. The canopy is waterproof, and can be tilt-adjusted with the hinge near the top of the pole. The six sturdy ribs provide plenty of durability, while the wind vent at the top keeps it from tipping over if the weather picks up. Choose from colors like tan, red, and blue and white stripes.

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