Concrete Road Color Paint Anti-Slip Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand

Product DetailsQuick DetailsPlace of Origin:Shandong, China                                             Type:Ceramic BallsApplication:Ceramic Decorations                 

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Product Details
Quick Details
Place of Origin:Shandong, China                                             Type:Ceramic Balls
Application:Ceramic Decorations                                             Material:Alumina Ceramic, ceramic

Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units:Single item                                           Single package size: 60X40X10 cm
Single gross weight:25.000 kg                                  Package Type:woven bag or jumbo bag

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Anti-Skid Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand for Concrete Road Colorful Coating
Anti-Skid Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand for Concrete Road Colorful Coating

Lead Time:
Est.Time(days)71020To be negotiated
Production Description
Product name:Color ceramic particles for road 
Material:pottery clay
Color: Red, yellow , brown,green, blue, black etc.
Shape: particle
Composition :SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O+Na2O
Appearance:Spherical-similar like and irregular shape, puce color, rough and porosity

ceramic particle is Anti-skid wear-resisting, environmental protection and anti-corrosion, low water absorption, bright color, beautiful, fadeless, hard and firm, long service life, good reflectance etc.

Color ceramic particle anti-skid pavement is mainly used in enterprise park pedestrian road, urban bicycle road, highway ETC, highway tunnel, gas station parking area, mountain slope curve anti-skid, urban road diversion diversion.
Colors:red,yellow,blue,green,black,grey,white etc
Main specifications: 1-2mm,1-3mm,2-3mm etc

Product characteristics:
1. It can be laid on cement and asphalt pavement without changing the road structure and is easy to renovate the old pavement.

2. The construction is fast and convenient, the construction time of road closure is short and the scope is small.

3. Good low temperature resistance, aging resistance, low heat absorption of ceramic particles, excellent high temperature resistance;

4. Thin thickness will not reduce the net traffic height of tunnels, light weight of ceramic particles, and do not increase the load-bearing capacity of bridges.

Place of application:
1. Bus harbour, bus lane, car parking lot, disabled lane, stadium staircase anti-skid, bus lane;

2. Non-motorized lanes, urban traffic roundabouts, traffic congestion sections near traffic signs, sidewalks, traffic deceleration zones, bicycle lanes, bridges, platforms, walkways, central isolation lines, high-speed curves, bridge entrances and exits, road deceleration belts, mountain road emergency turnings;

3. Tunnel pavement, curved road surface, ramp, toll station of Expressway and dangerous area of expressway;

4. Outdoor parking lot, ramp, shopping center parking lot, airport, wharf, factory and industrial area division;

5. Garage ramps, community doors, ice and snow city doors, landscape roads and other.

Construction technology:
1. Requirements for plain land: Concrete pavement foundation should be laid one month after pouring/asphalt pavement, and two months after pouring, color ceramic particle pavement should be laid. Construction pavement should be dry and smooth, rough pavement will increase the use of materials.

2. Clean up plain land: Clean up the impurities and dust of the road surface with a vacuum cleaner or a blower. If the road surface has deep pits or damages, it should be repaired first.

3. Primer coating construction, which is special for users outside and inside, is uniformly stirred and rolled, and no primer is used in asphalt pavement construction.

4. Scraping resin bonding material: mix the special color road surface bonding material  evenly according to the proportion and then scrape it with rake; the ground is uneven and the pits are filled with resin mortar material.

5. Spread color ceramic particles: Spread color ceramic particles evenly on the surface of the special adhesives for the color pavement just scratched and evenly coated, and completely cover the resin materials; (Index of ceramic particles for bicycle paths, sidewalks, [1-2mm], bus stations, expressways, ceramic particles] [2-4mm]

6. Collect excess ceramic particles: Clean the unbonded ceramic particles with a vacuum cleaner

1. Rich colors: According to the preferences of designers, we can match colors and draw various circle designs. Let our environment be gorgeous and colorful.

2. Anti-skid safety: The increase of friction coefficient can effectively shorten the braking distance, prevent the braking system from locking, and reduce the traffic accident rate.

3. Reduce voice: The structure of color anti-skid pavement can effectively reduce the noise of tire-ground contact point, and also can produce diffuse reflection phenomenon, which will consume part of the voice from engine to pavement.

4. Persistent performance: Natural coloured stone and coloured ceramic particles are used as aggregates, while special colour is obtained by complex dyeing process. The binder is selected among four kinds of resins with excellent weather resistance, i.e. modified epoxy, polyurethane, PMMA and polypropylene, according to the needs of environment and cost control at the construction site. Lao Yongyi's pavement processing system is maintained until the underlying pavement base needs to be repaired.

5. Protect the base: Material with good weatherability covers the surface of concrete or asphalt, which directly and effectively prolongs the service life of the base.
Anti-Skid Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand for Concrete Road Colorful Coating
Anti-Skid Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand for Concrete Road Colorful Coating
Anti-Skid Pavement Aggregate Gravel and Sand for Concrete Road Colorful Coating

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